Dana M. Haggard Got Spotted By Paparazzi At Her Apartment...

This photo was taken yesterday since she posted on instagram that she was spotted by Paparazzi in her hot pajamas. While she's in her apartment walking and drinking her coffee yesterday morning.

July 29, 2020 - Dana M. Haggard got spotted by Paparazzi outside of her apartment yesterday taken pictures of her in her pink 27 tank top and white short short pajamas during in the hot summer. She had her patio blinds open and at 8am they were watching her walking in her living room. She turned around and saw they have cameras in their hands. Since she went in her bedroom to changed into her everyday clothes. They cannot see her through her bedroom window because she had her blinds closed. As she hope it would not happened again after she move into a house with her fiancé Thomas S. Bennett. "That would be a problem since I got famous", she said. So after all that happened yesterday she is planning to put up the fence around the house so they cannot seek peak of what she is doing nowadays.


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