Dana M. Haggard


Dana M. Haggard is a successful country pop music artist from Greenwood, Indiana, USA and she started her music career since 2012.  By the time at aged 14 she started playing the guitar and took lessons from high school during in her freshmen year. Before Dana M became a singer and songwriter she wrote songs lyrics at aged 10. She is very talented and all of her family and friends are so proud of her, and they gave her a compliments.  

Dana M released a few music singles and one Christmas album just released on November 21, 2018. She has a new upcoming country music album will be called by her self-titled or her nickname in 2019. She choose to have some romantic and true story on the album. Dana M also will announce tour dates very soon plus she will have a mini band. Just her and her man Thomas S. Bennett as a keyboard player and singing harmony.